When Are Metal Nameplates Ideal for Your Tagging Needs?

Metal NameplateDetermining what kinds of tags your business will need requires a careful scrutiny of the many areas where these are to be used. This scrutiny will entail taking note of not only what these tags are to be used on, but also what environments these are to be exposed to. For example, if your tags are to be placed on an item that has a smooth surface but will be exposed to various weather conditions, you will need to find a tag that can survive such rough conditions.

While a lot of people consider using cheaper alternatives like paper or cardboard tags, there are times when cheaper is not the way to go. This is particularly true when your tags are to be exposed to such conditions as moisture, heat, and chemicals, to mention a few. For these, you will need more durable tags, and metal nameplates are one of the considerations for this.

Metal NameplateMetal nameplates should be chosen when you know these tags are to be used on items that will be exposed to harsh conditions. This is because these tags can survive such elements even when these are constantly exposed to them. Some of the elements that such tags can withstand include heat, cold, moisture, grease, grime, and UV rays. These can also survive certain chemicals and solutions, which is why these are usually chosen when the items these are to be used on show a high probability of being splashed or hit by such substances.

These durable nameplates are usually made out of tarnish and corrosion resistant metals, so there is no need for you to feel any apprehensions when these are exposed to rain, snow, humid weather, and other similar conditions. Depending on the kind of metal you choose as well as the thickness, these also have some heat resistance, so you won’t have to be afraid that your tags will melt or lose its original shape when exposed to high heat.

Of course, aside from the material itself, you will need to choose durable marking methods for these. Not all marking methods are ideal for all conditions, which is why a careful scrutiny of your marking options is needed. Probably one of the most durable options you have is etching, but this will need a rather thick metal plate to begin with. Other durable marking options include stonewear process, engraving, embossing, and photosensitizing. What you choose will dictate how long your metal nameplates will last even when exposed to harsh climes and tough situations.

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