What is the Most Effective Marking Medium for Stainless Steel Plates?

Stainless Steel PlatesOne of the metals that people choose to use when it comes to the creation of nameplates, plaques, and signs is stainless steel. This is because stainless steel plates are versatile, durable, and are attractive to look at. These are also reasonably priced for the kind of features that they have and what can be done with them.

Stainless steel can be marked using a number of methods. What method you choose is often dependent on factors. These include the thickness of the metal being used, the type of design that is to go on the metal, and what kind of marking method a manufacturer offers. To help you out, here are some of the more popular marking methods used with stainless steel plates and what these are usually used for:

Etching – this is a marking method that eats into the metal and creates deep grooves that are difficult to deface. You can opt to have these grooves filled in with color, if your design requires it. You can also do this to make your designs more eye-catching. Etching is often used when you need your nameplates to be extremely durable and difficult to deface or damage. This particular marking method is used to create commemorative plaques, desk nameplates, business signs, and branding tags.

Embossing – this is another marking method that helps make the plate being manufactured extremely durable. This creates raised designs that are smooth and curved, which is done with a heated stamping process that allows the metal to become malleable with the heat and hardens back up in the shape it was stamped in when it cools. This kind of marking method can also be inked to make it pop more and to give it a different look. You will find this method used on metal plates used for serial number plates, brand plates, and promotional plates.

Digital Printing – also a favorite by those who love multi-color designs, digital printing is chosen for both aesthetic and budgetary reasons. Apart from creating great looking designs on durable metal plates, this particular marking method opens up a number of other options that you can take advantage of. These include doming, which involves the addition of a urethane dome over the print on the metal tag, and adding an overlaminate to keep the print from fading faster than usual. These can be used for tags made for branding, promotional plates, decorative plates, and many more.

These are just a few of the marking methods that can be used when you choose stainless steel plates for your tagging and signage needs. Other options that you can also choose include engraving, stonewear process, and four color process.

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