What are the Main Uses of Identification Plates?

If you have heard the term “identification plates” before, there is a big possibility that you might have also wondered what this is for. An identification plate is basically what the name says it is, a plate that identifies or is used for identification. Now, the more concise question would probably be, what do these plates identify?

Identification plates actually come in a wide variety of guises. What these plates identify usually depend on where these are used and how these plates are put together. These plates can be used to identify inventory, show people usage instructions, and warn people of dangers that may come with the machinery or object the plate is attached to. To give you a clearer image of what these plates can be used for and the many types of identification plates there are out there, here are some examples:

Model and Serial PlatesModel and Serial Plates
– these are plates that you can see attached to machinery and other products. Most of these plates carry the item’s model and serial number, as the name implies. These plates can also carry the address of the manufacturer of such an item, contact information, date of manufacture and the manufacturer’s name. These plates can also carry specifics like voltage restrictions or requirements and regulatory badges.

Warning and Instructional PlatesWarning and Instructional Plates – these tell people of the dangers that come with operating certain machinery or what needs to be done before that particular piece of equipment is operated. These can also tell people what may happen if they do not use these things properly, what should be done for safe operations and what to avoid to keep the machine in good working order.

Decorative Trim PlatesDecorative Trim Plates – as the name implies, these plates are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, however that is not where its use ends. These plates often carry a brand name, company name, company logo, address and contact information, what the company does and even what services a company offers. These can carry all of these or only one of these, depending on what a business owner wants to put on these plates.

Barcoded PlatesBarcoded Plates – these plates have barcodes on them and are often used for inventory and tracking purposes. These plates can be used to mark items that a company considers assets, and as such, need to be tracked every now and then to show whether everything is still intact, in good working order and still within the facility. These can be kept track of and checked quickly with the use of a scanning device and the condition of the item recorded for whatever purpose the company may deem this information useful.