What are the Advantages of Using Polyester Labels?

BY Rowena Taylor

Polyester Mylar Sheets Used for Polyester LabelsWhen you are looking for label materials to use with your products, one of the materials you will find yourself considering (and being offered by manufacturers), is polyester. Why should you consider using this particular material for your labeling needs? Are polyester labels ideal for your labeling requirements or are you better off with some other type of label? To help you easily determine whether or not polyester is best for your needs, here are some of the advantages (and a few disadvantages) that come with using polyester for your labeling needs.

Polyester labels are considered one of the more durable label types around. – Polyester is a material that is very durable, and is highly resistant to a number of factors and elements. Polyester is often used in industrial applications due to this durability, with this particular sticker type being resistant to various temperatures (from cold to hot), resistant to wet and dry environments, and resistant to various chemicals as well. This makes such a label ideal for use in many things – from product labeling, to machine labeling, to warning and instructional sticker use, and so on.

Polyester labels are very multipurpose. – This kind of a label is also very versatile in that, due to its durability and high resistance to numerous elements and conditions, you can use this almost anywhere. This label can be used on products, on equipment, on containers that carry chemicals, and on many other things. This versatility of use is also brought about by the many options you have when it comes to its design. You can have these labels cut into small tags for the labeling of items as small as test tubes and vials, or crafted into bigger tags that can be used on heavy equipment and tools.

These labels made of polyester are also versatile enough to carry almost any message on them. These can have instructions, warnings, information on product composition, and many more. These can also carry images, colorful logos, company names, lists of ingredients, and even simply numbering and lettering combinations that can be used to inventory tracking purposes. You can also have barcodes and other machine readable information added to these tags, if needed.

Polyester labels are relatively low cost and are considered cost effective. – While this particular kind of label is more expensive than paper labels, these are still considered relatively low costing as well as cost effective due to the many positive qualities this tag has. You can use this in wet and dry environments, which you cannot do with paper tags, and these can resist different temperatures, from hot to cold. You can also use these in areas that are exposed to grease, grime, chemicals and other substances that can cause other tag types to deteriorate fast.

The inherent durability and versatility of this particular material is what makes it cost effective, since you are paying for something that will last a long time. This basically means that you won’t need to replace this particular type of tag anytime soon, unlike others that are easily damaged which will need constant replacing. This will increase your spending on labels and tags, unlike with polyester labels, which will reduce your costs since these do not need constant replacing.

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