What are Special Plates Used for?

Embossed Metal Plate

If you are wondering what special plates are for, you have come to the right place. These plates are for those applications where regular metal plates won’t suffice. In other words, special plates can be used for almost anything you need these for.

Our special plates can be used for a number of purposes, and depending on the crafting method, can be as intricate or as simple as you want it to be. Some of the manufacturing methods that are used to create these specially crafted plates include digital printing, embossing and many more. You can also choose to use the stonewear process or have your plates photosensitized for your specific needs.

Some of the simpler methods used on these plates include stamping and etching. These are usually done when plates simply need to have letters and numbers on them and no graphics or logos. Simple dog tags, desk name plates and even lapel name tags can use these simple methods of customization effectively.

Domed LabelSome people, however, need to have more intricate designs added to these plates for a number of reasons. Some of these metal plates are to be used for labeling and branding needs, hence the requirement of having colors, embossing and other special effects used on them. There are even individuals who have metal plates crafted into business cards to make these stand out and be easily remembered. This can be done using special manufacturing processes as well and are considered part of our special plates line-up.

One particular manufacturing method is chosen by a number of businesses for their labeling needs. Domed labels are crafted using a special manufacturing method that has a clear, durable resin poured over the metal plate to form a dome. This clear dome makes the images in the plate underneath appear 3-dimensional, making the label pop and become highly noticeable. While this particular plate does have some usage limitations (it should not be used for prolonged periods in direct sunlight), a lot of companies still choose to have special plates manufactured using this method due to the amazing aesthetics and eye-catching effect it has.

Photosensitive Plate

If a company is looking for a durable type of plate print that can last for years without it fading in adverse weather or UV exposure, then what they need are photosensitive plates. These plates can easily meet military standards and can be used to create instructional plates, warning plates and even decorative sign plates. If you want these special plates to last longer, choose black prints to be printed on them for extended durability.