What Should You Use to Create Your Promotional Plates?

Promotional PlatesIf you are serious about marketing and advertising your products as well as your brand, it would serve you well to have promotional plates crafted for just such a purpose. Promotional plates can carry anything that can help boost brand awareness, like your company logo, an image of your mascot, your company name, or the brand of the product you are trying to promote.

In creating promotional plates, you need to consider what these are to be used for. Some companies have these plates made ahead of time and in bulk in order to facilitate the quick and easy creation of promotional products. What they do is they attach these tags to items that they give away to potential customers during promotional drives, product launches, trade shows, and conventions. The availability of these tags make it easy to make promotional giveaways on-the-fly. All you need to do is to find a suitable generic item for the particular event you are planning to attend or hold for your marketing needs, attach these tags to the items, and you have instant promotional products.

Of course, in order for these tags to be useful, you need to choose the right material that will fit any item that you choose to attach these to. One of the choices that you should consider is aluminum. Apart from its low cost, this metal is malleable and corrosion resistant, making it a good choice particularly since you can attach this to any item without having to worry about tarnishing and rusting.

Promotional TagsAluminum is also very malleable, making it a good choice if you find that you need to bend, curve, or reshape the tag to fit the item that you are going to attach it to. Just be careful when you do this though since this malleability can be a double edged sword. It can make your tags easy to reshape but any wrong reshaping moves can also give you misshapen tags that may not look good or may not be useful.

Another option you have is stainless steel. While a bit more rigid than aluminum, this is a more durable choice since it cannot be easily dented or scratched. Of course, if you are planning on attaching this to curved surfaces, like those on coffee tumblers and mugs, you may need to call in a professional to do this for you. Or you may need to send these back to the manufacturer for reshaping just for that particular need.

The choice is really dependent on where you see yourself using these promotional tags. If you cannot find a suitable material for this, you can always go for alternatives like labels, with choices like Lexan, aluminum foil, and Mylar on the top of that list.

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