What Parts of Your Scales and Dials are Customizable?

BY Rowena Taylor

Scales and Dials

Some industries require the use of scales and dials that are customized to their needs. The customization of such measuring tools are usually brought about by the variations in what each business requires, and as such, brings about questions of what can and cannot be customized on them. This also brings about inquiries regarding the things that can be added to such scales and dials, as well as what may not be integrated into them.

The customization of these measuring tools or gauges usually involves a number of things which depend on a few factors. It is essentially safe to say that these are actually totally customizable due to the many options you have for making these fit your exact needs. The options you have will help you create the kind of measuring tool needed by your business include the following:

Materials Used – probably one of the first things you need to decide on would be the materials that will be used in the creation of these customized dials and scales. The materials that are often shown to you as options are those that can easily withstand temperature extremes as well as exposure to a wide variety of chemicals and substances. Since tarnish and corrosion can occur when these are exposed to such conditions, the usual materials that are offered for these include corrosion resistant ones such as aluminum and stainless steel. Some manufacturers may also include brass and bronze in the list.

Scale and Dial Elements – you can also customize how your scales and dials will look, what numbering these will carry, the measurement units on these, and the number of scales you want to have on them. The design of your custom measuring tools can carry dual or triple scales, can have different measuring units on these and even colored areas. You can also dictate the colors that are to go on these scales, as well as what portions are to be covered by such colors.

Shapes and Sizes – some people believe that when you say “custom scales and dials,” you are talking about those circular gauges or measuring tools that are used for heaters and the like. What they might not know is that these customizable gauges can actually come in many shapes and sizes. You dictate what shape your scale or dial is to come in and what size it is to be in. While the most common shape is indeed round, these can be made into horizontal measuring bars, vertical ones, curved bars, and even special shaped ones. These can also come in sizes that can fit whatever your need for these will be.

Copy and Graphics – you can also customize what is written on these scales and dials of yours. You can integrate your company name and logo into these, add abbreviations and definitions, and even add instructions for use if needed. You can also add graphics that you wish to see on these scales and dials. There are even a few companies who choose to add funny graphics into their custom dials and scales. For example, a company that specializes in the creation of custom barbecue rigs can integrate a funny graphic of a pig onto their scales to signify that these scales are indeed made for barbecue pits and rigs.

These are but a few of the things that you can generally customize when you order custom scales and dials from a manufacturer. To find out if there are other options available to you, you might want to contact your manufacturer of choice in order to find out. 

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