What Other Uses Do Barcodes and UID Plates Have Apart from POS Use?

Barcodes and UID PlatesBarcodes and UID plates have seen themselves being used more often these days, particularly because these make things rather convenient for many. In the retail industry, these tags not only help make selling and keeping track of inventory easier, but it also helps move things along faster. This helps reduce complaints that may come from customers when things are not moving as fast as they expect it to.

Imagine those days in the past when each item you buy has to be encoded into the cash register, with item number and price needing to be typed in individually. Now, imagine needing to do this to carts of groceries, with people lined up to get such purchases done and over with. How long could such a task take, particularly nowadays when there are so many things that people can buy from such stores?

Yes, barcodes to help make selling and buying easier, but this is not the only use these codes have. Barcodes and UID codes on labels and metal plates can be used in many other ways. Some of these ways include the following:

For inventory and asset tracking purposes – while some companies use simple number and letter codes on their asset tags, a few companies actually utilize barcoded tags for this. This is to make inventory tracking and asset tagging easier and more efficient. With a simple scan of the barcode, then the addition of details to the scanned tag in the computer, you now have detailed information about the asset your company just acquired. Other uses for this is to easily add in names of people who use such items or to whom such items are assigned to, making it easier to find out what happened to these company assets should inventory tracking time come around.

For discounts and promos – some products will have additional tags that carry either UID codes or barcodes on them that allow buyers to get discounts on their next purchase of the same or a similar product from the brand. These tags are usually kept by those who get them and present these to the cashier on their next purchase, along with a proof of purchase to qualify.

For advertising and marketing – there are also coded tags that are found on products that enable you to get freebies and rebates when you scan these after you purchase an item. Such tags are usually kept from the sight of the general public and can only be accessed when you purchase the item. Scanning these codes can make you eligible for a prize, a raffle coupon, or an upgrade, whatever it is that the company says you can get for scanning such a code. Sometimes, you will be asked to share the promo on your social media page to increase your chances of winning, and for people to be enticed to buy as well.

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