What Material to Use for Your Metal Dog Tags

BY Rowena Taylor

Metal Dog Tags

Deciding to order metal dog tags for whatever you need these for will often require that you choose a specific material for its creation. Of course, since these are metal tags, your choices will be limited to the metals that most manufacturers use for these. Some of the options you are most likely to be presented with include aluminum, stainless steel, and brass, to mention but a few.

While manufacturers usually show you materials such as these for the creation of your tags, there are some who do allow customers to dictate what metals they want to use, even when these are not on the lists of these companies. These tag makers may charge extra for the use of metals that are not on their material list, or they may ask their customers to provide the metals for this particular order. Whatever the case may be, if you are thinking of having specific metals used for your dog tags and these are not on the choices you are shown by such tag makers, you might want to look elsewhere, or ask about the possibility of their making an exception for you.

More often than not, most manufacturers of metal tags and nameplates carry a wide variety of metals for you to pick from. These businesses however seldom have semi-precious to precious metals on their list of choices. Gold, silver, platinum and other similar, more expensive options are rarely offered by such nameplate makers since these are also seldom chosen by buyers for their needs. If you require these however, you can ask them if they will be able to create your tags with such materials and how much these would cost if ever they did.

If metal dog tag makers you approach won’t consider using these more expensive metals for your tags, you might want to ask jewelers if they can make your dog tags for you. Since jewelers are used to handling such precious metals, they might oblige your request. You can also ask jewelers for help in creating these special dog tags when you require the addition of precious and semi-precious gemstones to these.

For your run-of-the-mill, average dog tags, you can easily ask nameplate manufacturers to make what you need. Such artisans can craft as many tags as you want with the use of the more commonly requested materials available, and this can include other metals like zinc, copper, and bronze. Simply choose the metal that best fits your requirements and submit the designs that you want to have these tags carry, and you are almost good to go. You will also need to provide information on whether you want these to have the notch on one side or not, whether the information will be stamped by you or by the manufacturer, and even what kind of marking medium to use.

You should be aware that not all materials cost the same, even with these regular metals, so you will need to find the best one for your needs as per design, cost, and purpose. The most popular choice is often aluminum due to its low cost, however there are some people who choose stainless steel or bronze due to their own reasons, despite the slightly higher cost. The choice ultimately depends on a combination of everything – usage, design, cost, and even availability.

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