What Kinds of Special Plates Can Nameplate Manufacturers Make?

Special Plates

If you need special plates to be made for your business, you can easily tap nameplates manufacturers for this particular need. Manufacturers that specialize in the creation of metal nameplates often have a list of products that you can order from them. These are usually the industrial and commercial plates that most businesses require for their varying needs.

There are times however when the plates that are needed are not your standard, metal plates made for industrial or commercial needs. This is where special plates come in. Special plates are those metal plates that can be crafted for special purposes and are not necessarily crafted for business or industrial requirements.

What exactly are the special plates that some nameplates manufacturers craft for their clientele? Here are some of them:

Plaques and awards – these are often made with the use of decorative metal plates like bronze or brass, although some people choose to use stainless steel and aluminum at times if they want a silver-toned plaque or they want to save money. These plates can be marked using a variety of marking methods that include engraving, embossing, etching and photosensitizing, to name but a few.

Souvenirs – metal plates can also be used as souvenirs for special events. People can have military style dog tags, bookmarks or other similar items made out of metal and imprinted with the event name, the date and location to help remind people that they attended that particular event. These plates can also be marked using a variety of marking methods that include stamping, etching, laser marking and digital printing, to name but a few.

Invitations – you can actually create invitations to special events with the use of metal plates. Choose a thin and affordable plate like aluminum and have your special event printed on these plates with the use of digital printing, photosensitizing or laser marking. You can then place these in envelopes that are often used for invitations and send these out to your guests. You can also have the backside of these plates printed with an image of yourself to help remind them who the invite is from.

These are but a few of the ideas that utilize metal plates. You can think up of other uses for special plates and ask your favorite nameplate manufacturer if they can customize your special plates for you in the way you want them to.