What Kinds of Metal Nameplates Do You Need?

One of the things you need to determine when you are thinking of ordering metal nameplates for your business is whether or not you need only one type. Contrary to what some people may believe, these metal plates actually come in a wide variety of types with numerous uses, design options, and choices at your fingertips. How do you determine what metal nameplates you need and how do you choose?

First off, you will need to assess where these tags will be used. Will these be used solely for branding purposes? Are these tags to be used for carrying vital information on them? Will these tags be exposed to harmful and harsh elements? These need to be considered since there are different tags ideal for different needs.

These and a lot of other questions have a bearing on the decisions you will be making when it comes to your metal nameplate orders and purchases. This is because some metals and some marking methods are better for specific purposes when compared with others. While almost all of the metals used in the creation of these plates are actually pretty resistant to tarnish and damage brought about by exposure to certain elements and conditions, some are more resilient than most in certain aspects.

This is why, before you purchase or even order special tags made for your business needs, you need to create a list of what you need and for where these are to be used. Do you need your tags to carry serial and model numbers? And if so, do all of your tags need these or just a specific number should have these features on them?

There are quite a number of variants for you to choose from when it comes to these metal nameplates and in order for you to not have that many tags that end up not being used, you need to know where and how these are to be used. Here are some examples of the more popular plates that companies order for their needs:

Inventory and Asset TagInventory and Asset Tags – these metal nameplates are used to mark products for inventory purposes. These usually have blank spaces on them where you can use handheld devices to mark these with tracking numbers. These can be made using a variety of metals that include aluminum and stainless steel.

Model and Serial Number PlateModel and Serial Plates – these are used to mark items that need to be tracked after these are sold. Manufacturers often order these when they have a wide variety of products being made by their business and need an effective tracking system to enable them to keep track of everything they make and sell.



Bar Code and UID PlateBar Code and UID Plates – these are used for many different purposes, some for POS purposes, and others for tracking and inventory needs. These tags carry machine readable codes, either in linear or 2D matrix forms, that enable ease of tracking and inventory as well as ease of sales.



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