What Kinds of Label and Tags are Used by Businesses?

Labels and TagsBusinesses use a wide variety of labels and tags, and these are for a wide variety of reasons. These tags are sometimes used for marketing purposes, although more often than not, these are used for branding purposes. To let you know what tags and labels are usually utilized for, here are some of the more commonly used tags and labels businesses use and what they are for:

Branding labels – as the name implies, these are used to add the company’s brand to a product. This can be made out of many different things – from cloth to paper to cardboard to metal. The kind of branding label that is used is often dependent on the product it is to go on. If a product is made of cloth, like clothing, chances are, the tag or label that is attached to it will also be made out of cloth. Sometimes, for products that are exposed to varying temperatures, like foodstuff in bottles or cans, labels made out of aluminum foil, or some other similarly tough yet versatile material, is used.

These labels often carry the brand that a product carries, and a company can have more than one brand under a parent brand. These tags can then carry information about the parent company on it as well, where the item is manufactured and other pertinent information. These are often mass produced if to be used on a wide variety of products that carry the same brand. Sometimes different labels are made with the same brand, but with differing information on them, dependent on each product these will go on.

Advertising stickers – these are labels that are actually made for promotional purposes and can come in any size, depending on the need of the company. These can be handed out during company sponsored events, can be made in the form of bumper stickers, and can even come free with a product. These are made in a somewhat decorative fashion in order to encourage consumers to use these on items that they use frequently, like refrigerators, lunch boxes, and so on.

Inventory and Asset tags – these are used for the tracking of items that a company owns. Assets need to be kept track of as well, so stickers that can be written on, have barcodes on them, and other features that can be used to help a business keep track of what these go on to, are also required by numerous companies. Not having such tags on the many items a company owns (factory equipment, computers, etc.) may open such businesses up to losses.

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