What Kinds of Inventory and Asset Tags Should You Use?

Inventory and Asset TagsMost companies nowadays, and even in the past, use inventory and asset tags on their stocks and company assets. This is because such tags are an effective tool for keeping track of these things. No matter what these tags carry, be it simply numbers or details regarding each item, these are effective in helping businesses keep track of everything.

What kinds of asset and inventory tags are there and which ones should you use for your company’s needs? There are quite a few types that are available in the market, and what you choose is oftentimes dependent on where these are to be used. Some tags may find themselves exposed to rather adverse conditions, so this factor in itself can dictate what kind of tag you should use, and what material should be used with such a tag.

To illustrate the many different kinds of inventory and asset tags you can choose from, here are a few types with the features that make them distinctly useful:

Barcode and UID Tags and Plates – these tags are essentially plates that come with barcodes on them. These codes can carry information that you cannot readily see on the tag, and can only be accessed with the use of an optical scanner. When these codes are scanned, you can see via the screen of your portable scanner or via a laptop computer, details about the item being scanned. These tags can be made using metal plates or can be made out of label materials.

Metal Asset Tags – these are tags that are made out of tarnish and rust proof metals, and are often attached to equipment that are exposed to harsh environs, as well as to heat, cold, UV rays, and chemicals. This kind of asset tag is used on these items because these can resist the wear and tear that is brought about by these elements. You can find these on farm equipment, factory machinery, warehouse forklifts, and other similar types of equipment used by different industries.

Aluminum Foil Labels – these labels are great for asset and inventory tag use because of the fact that these can be easily stamped with personalized numbers. Some companies choose to use a different kind of tracking system as compared with others, and these tags that you can stamp with number series with the use of handheld tools are great for these. You can also choose to write on these tags with a ballpoint pen or a permanent marker since these can also be easily written on, especially if a blank space is provided on these tags for this.

Destructible Vinyl Labels – if you want to incorporate theft prevention into your inventory and asset management system, these tags are your ideal choice. These tags are great for detecting any attempt to pilfer items these are attached to since these fall apart when someone tries to remove these. You can use these on many of your company’s high value assets, like laptops, computers, printers, and many more.

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