What Kinds of Identification Plates Do You Need?

BY Rowena Taylor

Identification Plates

Different kinds of businesses need a wide variety of identification plates for their many needs. These can include inventory and tracking needs, branding, and safety requirements. These plates are often made out of metal, usually those that are tarnish and rust proof, although sometimes these are made using other materials as well.

If you are to look around your business, you will notice that these plates do come in many shapes, sizes and configurations. Some carry only your brand, others carry more information than just that, and still a few more have diagrams or instructions on them. To help you understand what these different kinds of identification plates are, and what these do, here are some of the more commonly used ones:

Model and Serial Plates – you can see this being used on heavy equipment and machinery. You can also see these attached to motorcycles, vehicles, large appliances and even small ones. These tags carry information on them that can be used for troubleshooting, warranties, for tracking and also for knowing the model and batch of the item.

Barcode and UID Plates – these are used for a number of things, and these include tracking and inventory purposes, POS scanning, asset tagging and many more. These can be made using stainless steel, aluminum and other similar metals. Some companies however choose to utilize low cost materials, and sometimes have these made using aluminum foil, which essentially makes them into labels and not plates. These can carry more than just the barcodes or UID codes on them, and may even carry your brand, logo, contact information and other important information on them.

Schematics – these identification plates are used to identify the many connections that can be found within a piece of machinery. These are often used by businesses that need to have such plates for reference purposes in order to ensure that the people using the equipment can check for problems when these occur with the use of these plates. These plates can also be used to effectively follow the steps needed for proper operation.

Warning and Instructional Plates – these help keep people safe from harm, as well as tell them how to properly operate machinery or equipment. These plates also tell people what to avoid, what to wear for safety, and a lot of other things. These can be found on heavy equipment like trucks, mowers, factory machinery and the like. These may also tell you who can and cannot operate these things.

Inventory and Asset Tags – these, much like Barcode and UID Plates, are used for tracking and inventory purposes. These can carry such information like the item’s serial number, model number, date of purchase or manufacture and other similar info. While these cannot be technically called identification plates when such materials are used, it is worth mentioning that asset tags and inventory tags are not only made out of metals. While these are usually made using metals like stainless steel and aluminum, some companies choose to use materials that can help deter theft, and these include tamper-evident tags made out of aluminum foil or vinyl.

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