What Industries Use Nametags and Nameplates?

Nametags and Nameplates

Nametags and nameplates may sound like similar items, but in reality, these are actually two very different products. While both can carry names on them (as the terms do suggest), their uses can be very varied. The former is oftentimes used by people on themselves to identify who they are as well as their position or designation in their industry. The latter is used for a lot of things and these include personal, industrial, and commercial purposes.

To help you further understand where nametags and nameplates are used, here are some examples:

  • Customer Service Nametags – where there are personnel that deal directly with customers, nametags can be seen. These tags are often made using either plastic or aluminum and are small enough to be pinned on a person’s shirt or lapel. These often carry a person’s name and their position (concierge, clerk, etc.). A lot of industries use nametags to help people better address personnel who are tasked to help them. Some of the businesses you can find using these name-carrying tags include hotels, restaurants, service centers, stores and salons.
  • Conference or Convention Nametags – these tags are usually made with self-adhesive labels and can carry a company’s name or logo on it. A space is usually reserved on such tags for the filling out of conference or convention participant names on them and these are added with the use of either a printer or a permanent marker.
  • Desk or Door Nameplates – these are plates that carry the name and designation of the person using the office or the desk that it adorns. This is usually made using plastic or a type of metal and is sometimes crafted to be interchangeable. These usually utilize holders to make changes easy, should the person using the desk or the room change. Sometimes, these nameplates can carry only the designation of the person using it (manager, concierge, customer service, etc.) and are posted so that people can see who they are dealing with and, subsequently, what kind of assistance they can expect from such a person.
  • Information Nameplates – these plates are often used to show people where they are or at what desk they are at. Examples of such plates include those used for information desks, reception desks, receiving areas, return kiosks and the like. These are often used by industries that require certain areas to be present for their customers to use and for people to know where to go for their specific needs.