What Exactly are Destructible Vinyl Labels?

BY Rowena Taylor

Destructible Vinyl Labels

One of the label types that a number of companies use for their business needs is the one that is called a destructible vinyl label. This particular tag is not necessarily used for branding or marketing purposes, but rather these tags are used for a very specific purpose, and that is to deter theft. While some businesses do use these tags for a variety of purposes, with some actually using these for branding and tracking reasons, the one feature that this tag has which makes it ideal for theft prevention is its destructibility.

Why are these tags destructible, and why make them destructible in the first place? These labels are considered destructible because these cannot be removed in one piece when someone attempts to take these tags off from where they are attached. The “destructible” part of these tags comes in the tag falling apart when an attempt to remove it is made, with small pieces sticking to the item making it virtually impossible to take off in one solid piece.

These tags are sometimes called tamper-evident tags, since you do see telltale signs of tampering being done with these tags when attempts to remove it are done. This is not really an accurate name for these tags, since there are labels that are also called tamper evident, and these are not made the same way as destructible labels. Both are used for the same purpose though, to help deter theft or tampering, and as such, leave behind evidence of such acts or attempts.

For tamper-evident tags, what actually happens is that the tags do not “destruct” as with destructible vinyl labels, but rather, these tags leave behind residue that shows a label was once there. The residue that you see will have the words VOID on them, and these are sticky and difficult to remove, even with adhesive removers. This particular label is often used with items and products that are sealed, and by shipping companies.

Where can you use destructible vinyl labels and are these effective at stopping people from stealing your stuff? Essentially, these are used on assets that businesses have, and employees have access to as well as use. There are a number of reasons why companies choose to have these tags.

For one, these tags are usually made with tracking information on them (barcodes, serial numbers, etc.) to help companies keep track of what assets they have easily. For another, since most companies have many employees, even when they can generally trust these individuals, temptation to pilfer items that can be easily placed in purses and pockets will always be there. Having these tags, along with routine checking of individuals as they leave the premises, will indeed help stop theft from occurring.

Also worth noting is that the presence of these tags can help stop theft by actually listing down who is using each particular item. With such a tracking system in place, and with tags that cannot be removed completely, people who hold these office assets will take care not to lose them, or to take these with them outside of the office. Such a tagging system that uses destructible vinyl labels will place an amount of responsibility on the person using it, which will make them more vigilant in making sure that these are not stolen.

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