What Do Identification Plates Identify?

BY Rowena Taylor

Identification Plates and Products

When you talk about identification plates, you often wonder at what such a broad kind of product is used for. What do identification plates identify and where are these commonly used?  These are often made using metal, hence the term “plates” used for it, and there are many good reasons why.

In a nutshell, these plates are used in areas where certain materials cannot be safely used, which is why metal is chosen for this. The metals used for these plates are also those that are not prone to deterioration, and are considered resistant to tarnish, rust, and even to hot and cold temperatures. The metals that are often chosen for this purpose include aluminum, stainless steel, bronze and brass, to name a few.

When it comes to the things that these metal nameplates identify, the information that you can find on them depends on their usage. These plates can identify one particular thing or a number of things, depending on what these are used for and what product or item it is attached to. Here are some of the more common uses for identification plates and what they identify:

Serial number and model number plates – model and serial plates are used to identify, as the name says, the model and serial numbers of items these are on. These plates can be usually found behind or underneath an item and can carry more than just the model and serial number of the product. These plates can also carry the name and logo of the company that manufactured the product, the contact information of the said company, the date of manufacture of the item, and even the voltage requirements of the product, if this were an item that needed to be plugged in to an electrical outlet.

Schematic plates – these metal plates carry diagrams that tell people how certain equipment are wired, how machines are operated properly, and what sequence a set of machines follow for proper operations. These diagrams can be used to help with troubleshooting, repairs, or to simply remind people how to use the equipment these are on the right way. These are also used to show people the processes that certain sets of machines go through, and if these do not follow the sequence shown on these diagrams, operators know that something is wrong.

Barcode and UID plates – while most people find barcodes on items in paper or sticker form, there are some products that need these compact codes to be made using more durable and resilient materials, like metal. Metal barcodes and UID plates are used on products that are likely to be exposed to harsh conditions as well as hot and cold temperatures. These metal barcoded plates are often attached to these items with the use of rivets, screws, or adhesives that can withstand extremes in temperatures and rather rough conditions.

Brand Plates – some of the plates that you will find being called identification plates are used to help show people what brand a particular product carries. These brand plates are often used on items that are exposed to harsh or rough conditions and need to last under such circumstances. You can find plates like these on items like lawn mowers, tractors, toys used outdoors, and many more.

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