What Can You Put on Your Etched Plaques and Signs?

Etched Plaques and Signs

Etching is a marking method that a lot of people choose to use for their metal nameplates, signs and plaques. When having etched plaques and signs crafted, you can actually have images, various fonts and designs integrated into these. This is due to the fact that this particular marking method can be used to add intricate details to such plaques and nameplates due to how these designs are added to the metals.

In the old days, etched plaques were crafted as decorative pieces. The old method of etching used a waxy ground to protect parts of the metal that the artist did not want the acid to eat into. The designs are applied to these metal plates by hand and later, when the wax dried enough, the metal plate is then dipped into the acid to create the designs that were created with such a method.

The grooves and lines on these plates deepen when it is soaked longer in these acid baths, so if an artist wanted their etched plates to have deeper designs, they would need to soak these longer before taking them out. The wax that was used to protect parts of the metal is removed after the plate is taken out of the acid bath. The design is then inked to make the designs more prominent, with the ink staying in the grooves of the design, making these more pronounced.

When you choose to have your plaques, nameplates and signs etched, you will be essentially using the strength of acid or a mordant to cut your design into the metals that you are using. Since the modern method used to create such designs starts with the addition of a protective that coating adheres to parts of the metal with the use of computers, you can create any design you want for these plaques and signs. The colors that are used on these signs are also applied with the use of computers, and this is an option that you may or may not decide to use.

You can choose to use a variety of coloring methods on your etched plaques and signs. You can also choose to use the old method of inking, if you simply want the details to stand out somewhat naturally and without the use of too many colors.