What Are the Main Qualities of Aluminum Foil Labels?

Aluminum Foil LabelsNumerous businesses choose to use aluminum foil labels, when presented with options for their labeling needs. There are quite a number of reasons why such a choice is made. To help you understand the motivation behind such a choice, here are some of the more commonly cited reasons people have for making such a labeling decision.

Aluminum foil labels are durable – since these labels are made using one of the most resilient and durable metals around, it is but natural that these labels be durable as well. Aluminum foil is made out of aluminum, as the name obviously shows, which is one of the most abundant elements on our planet, and is also considered the most abundant of all metals on Earth. It has a low density and is often lauded for its resistance to corrosion.

Since it is durable, it is ideal for a huge number of applications. It can be used in situations where paper or other not-so-durable labels cannot be used. These can also be used in situations where tags that are difficult to deface or destroy, such as asset tracking and inventory, in order to keep these intact and your assets properly tracked.

Aluminum foil labels are waterproof – since these labels are made out of a substance that is impervious to rust and is made out of a metal, it is then but natural that this does not deteriorate or become damaged when wet, hence it being waterproof. This makes such a label ideal for applications where the item the label is attached to is exposed to moisture, and when such items are exposed to the elements. These are also ideal for use with products that are washed, like glasses and tumblers, where you need to have your company name and logo attached to the item in a sticker form.

Aluminum foil labels are heat resistant – also worth noting is that these labels are able to withstand heat. This makes them great for items that are either exposed to sunlight for long periods of time, items that are exposed to heat sources like burners and even those that may be inadvertently exposed to heat such as mugs. Of course, in order for these foil labels to stay on the items they are attached to despite the heat, you will need to choose an adhesive that is also impervious to heat.

Aluminum foil labels are great to look at – with its silvery appearance, these labels are always easy on the eye and are also eye-catching. This makes it a great material to use for labels when one of the purposes of such labels is to attract the attention of people. These can also be made to carry holographic images that people also find fascinating and attention grabbing, making it a good choice for marketing purposes.

Aluminum foil labels are relatively cheap – when compared with other similarly durable label materials, aluminum foil is considered to be one of the lower costing alternatives around. Due to its durability and other qualities, it is also considered cost –effective to use since you won’t need to change the label that often due to damage and it coming off of the item it is attached to (this will also depend on what kind of adhesive you choose). Also worth noting is that the low cost of this material used for label manufacture is partly due to the fact that aluminum is a rather abundant substance, hence the lower cost.

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