What Are the Differences Between Destructible Vinyl Labels and Tamper Evident Tags?

BY Rowena Taylor

Destructible Vinyl LabelsYou may have heard of tamper evident tags, and you may have also heard of destructible vinyl labels, and thought that both are one and the same. While these two may have some similarities, they are actually two different items. Both help prevent theft, yes, but both do so in different ways. To help you see what differentiates one from the other, here are some of the characteristics of each one:

Tamper evident labels – these are tags that show people when a tag existed in a particular spot. While the tag can indeed be removed, it cannot be taken off of its location without it leaving behind a telltale sign that it was there in the first place. Usually, tamper evident tags leave behind a sticky residue that shows the word “VOID” multiple times in the area where the sticker used to be. You will also see that the area where the sticker once was, is rather sticky, and in the exact shape and size of the removed sticker. This is to make it very obvious that there was indeed a label or tag there and it was removed.

Destructible labels – these are labels that also show people that a tag was in an area and an attempt to remove was made. These tags fall apart when someone tries to take these off of the area where it was attached to, and since these break into very small pieces, more often than not, the person trying to remove such a tag eventually surrenders and stops removing the tag. The removal of such a label can be very tedious and time consuming, that anyone trying to remove these may also find themselves caught in the act, making the effort futile and deemed not worth it by those who see such a label.

As you can see, while these two are indeed similar in some ways, and are often used for the same purpose, which is to prevent theft or tampering, these have very different features from each other. It should also be noted that tamper evident tags are sometimes used in shipping, and to show people receiving the shipped item that the package was tampered with, should there be marks on the package where the sticker used to be. The purpose of the tamper evident tag in this case is to simply alert recipients of such packages that someone messed with their delivery, and they can tell authorities about it.

Destructible vinyl labels, on the other hand, are often used as asset tags at the same time, and are often utilized in offices where the pilfering of small office items and equipment may occur. Since these establishments run daily checks of the bags of whoever goes in and out of the building, when evidence of such a tag is found (since these tags cannot be removed completely and do leave behind very small, hard to remove pieces on the item), authorities can be alerted of a possible attempt to steal. This means, such a tag is a deterrent to theft.

Both can indeed help keep items from being stolen, with one leaving behind a sticky residue, and the other leaving behind jigsaw puzzle like pieces. Whether you choose to use one or the other is up to you, and up to what you believe is best for your business or organization.

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