What Adhesives Should You Use on Your Polyester Labels?

Polyester Label AdhesiveChoosing the right kind of label material for your tagging and labeling needs is only half of what you need to do in order to get a durable tag. You may not be aware of this but you will also need to choose the right kind of adhesive for your tags. This is because different kinds of adhesives have different qualities that are ideal for different kinds of situations.

How do you ascertain what kind of adhesive you should use for a specific purpose? First off, you need to know what conditions your tags will be exposed to. This will help you narrow down your choices considerably. Some tags may be exposed to harsh weather, others will be used on items that will be exposed to high heat, and still a few more will see themselves on items that get used in freezing conditions.

When you require polyester labels, or any other label for that matter, you should always check what adhesives are available to you when you order these. Here are some adhesive qualities that you can consider:

Resistant to chemicals – not all adhesives have a high resistance to chemicals, and those that are resistant to chemicals may not be able to withstand all kinds of chemicals. To know what kind of adhesive you need, you will have to know what chemicals your labels may be exposed to so as to choose the right kind of adhesives that have specific chemical tolerances.

Resistant to heat – some adhesives are resistant to a high heat, and some are resistant to only a lower heat. Some adhesives can also withstand heat for only a short period of time, and others can stay in high heat for a long time. Find out what temperature your labels will be exposed to, and for how long, in order to choose the right ones for your labels.

Resistant to moisture – while polyester labels can withstand moisture, not all adhesives can make a label stay stuck when exposed to moisture. If your products are to be exposed to any type of moisture, you might want to look for an adhesive that keeps your labels in place even when these are submersed in water.

Sticks to Textured Surfaces – another thing you need to think about is adhesion to surfaces that are not smooth. Not all adhesives can actually stick to rough and textured surfaces, so if you are to use these tags on such places, you should always find an adhesive that will stick to such conditions.

These are just a few types that can be used for sticking your various labels on the things you need these to go on. Other types can make these stick to specific types of materials, can be removed and reattached elsewhere, and other such qualities. To find what kind of adhesive is best for you, check for label usage first before ordering your custom tags and choosing the adhesive that will go on these.

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