Various Uses of Etched Metal Plates

Etched MetalOne of the marking methods used on metal plates is etching. Etched metal plates are considered one of the types of plates that can be used for a wide variety of reasons and mainly because the method creates durable designs. This marking method also effectively translates your designs onto metal accurately, thereby making it a good choice for a number of nameplate variants.

To give you a better picture of what and where these etched metal plates are used for, here are some examples:

  • Model and serial number plates – these kinds of plates are used on appliances, heavy equipment and even parts for machinery and automobiles. Since these plates are manufactured using a process where the tag’s details are permanently scored into the metal with the help of a chemical that eats away at exposed metal, the information that is found on these plates is generally safe from being defaced. Since different pieces need different numbers for identification reasons, the designs etched onto these plates are often the brand and address of the manufacturer. The model and serial numbers for these plates are often stamped separately after the etched metal plates are crafted and before being attached to the product.
  • Branding and labeling plates – etching is also used on metal plates that are made for branding purposes. Items like kitchen appliances, small machinery and leisure craft can be seen using etched metal plates for branding needs. The reason why these are used for such a purpose is because of the durability of these plates and due to the fact that designs can be accurately translated to metal using this marking method.
  • Souvenirs and medals – people hosting events that require the handing out of awards and souvenirs often find that etched metal is not only a good choice for such needs but are also a cost effective way of having such items created. Not only are designs translated accurately onto the metal plates that are to be used as medals or souvenirs, but these can also be manufactured in one go with the use of the latest etching technology available today, and the designs on each piece would be accurately the same as the others because of this.
  • Signs and plaques – commemorative plaques, warning signs and directories can be made with the use of this marking method. Since the text and graphics of these items are permanently marked on these plates with the use of acid (or some other chemical), the details on these signs and plaques are relatively impervious to vandalism and damage.