Using Labels and Tags for Corporate Gift Giving Ideas

Labels and TagsNow, we are not suggesting that you order labels and tags to give away to other people in the corporate world as gifts for special occasions. What we are suggesting is the use of the many different kinds of labels as well as tags for marking items with before giving these out as corporate gifts. These very same tags can help with your marketing efforts, apart from the fact that these are used to show recipients who these presents came from.

So, how do you utilize such labels and tags for your corporate gift giving needs? What kinds of labels are ideal for just such a purpose? Should you actually order custom made labels that come with the name of the event or the season for this particular use?

When you need to hand out numerous gifts to people associated with your company, one of the things you should consider having on hand are labels and tags that can be easily attached to such items when the need arises. These can be labels that you attach with the use of an adhesive backing to either the packaging or gift-wrapping of the item, or tags that can actually be used to mark items with to make them carry your brand on them. Whatever you choose to do with these tags and labels, one thing is for sure – you need to have these customized to carry your company’s name on it, at least, in order for these to be effectively used for tagging gifts with and for marketing needs (since this is what corporate gifts are also primarily for).

Labels and Tags that You Can Use for Your Tagging Needs

Whether you are tagging items directly to make these into corporate gifts or are simply tagging the gift boxes these come in to help people know where these gifts came from, you will still need to choose the right label or tag for the job. Some labels are ideal for the former and others are better used for the latter. Here are some of the label types you can consider using for both purposes:

Polyester Mylar Labels – these are very durable labels that are heat resistant, waterproof and scratch resistant. This means that these can be used in many different ways, and this can include the marking of items to make them carry your brand. You can have these adhere to items such as glassware, leather items and metal products. Since these tags can withstand getting wet, exposed to the sun and harsh chemicals, these can then be easily used to tag gifts with. Simply choose the right kind of adhesive for these tags to firmly stick to the items these are attached to.

Vinyl Labels – sometimes called decals, these labels can also be used to create corporate gift giving items that can carry your company’s name or brand on it. These are great for sticking on to curved surfaces, so you can use these on canisters, glasses, tumblers, mugs and other similar items that are often chosen for gift giving seasons and events. You can have these pre-made with your company’s brand or name on it, or you can order custom made labels that carry the specific event name along with your company name on it to make these distinctly used for just such an event.

Aluminum Foil Labels – these can be used to tag the gift boxes that your corporate presents come in. Since foil has a silvery look to it, it can give off a great festive look to your gifts when tagged with them. These labels and tags can also be easily marked with a pen or marker, so these can be personalized with the person’s name in order to avoid confusion when it comes time to give different people different corporate gifts.

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