Using Destructible Labels the Right Way for Theft Prevention

Destructible Vinyl LabelsOne of the things that many companies complain about when it comes to escalating operating costs is the added burden of company assets disappearing without a trace. While some of these disappearances can actually be rather innocent and unintentional, there are some that are actually the result of pilfering and theft. This latter issue is what destructible labels aim to discourage.

What are destructible labels and what makes these ideal for use as theft deterrents? For starters, these tags are actually made out of a material that can be attached to assets in a single form, but when any attempt to remove such a tag is made, this material falls apart. How does it fall apart? When you try to remove the tag, you cannot remove it in a single piece but rather, you will have to remove many little pieces, much like a jigsaw puzzle. This is what destructible labels do – make it difficult to remove them quickly since these will fall apart when removal is being done.

How does this feature help keep people from trying to steal items that your company has tagged with asset tags? If used correctly, these tags will make it very obvious that someone is trying to remove these from such items, and as such, may be doing so to easily claim these as their personal items due to the lack of a company asset tag. When these tags are seen as slowly being removed, the person in charge of such an item can then be questioned as to the reason why the destructible label is slowly disappearing.

Of course, these tags can only be effective when your company has a working inventory and asset tracking system. These asset tags need to be attached to an item in a very conspicuous manner. This will make it easy to tell when someone is trying to slowly remove the asset label from it.

Another thing that needs to be done is to hold people accountable for items that they are using. Assigning company assets to individuals and making them responsible for these will make them report instances when these labels are slowly being peeled off. It is usually the case that others will try to make off with company assets that are not assigned to them to waylay any suspicions from them, so when these tags start to get peeled off slowly, reporting such an incident will alert the company to the attempt at pilfering.

When you have these destructible labels in place and when you have an efficient system for keeping track of company assets, it is very likely that thievery in the workplace will either diminish drastically or come to a complete stop.

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