Unique Ideas for Decorative Trim Plates

Decorative Trim Plate

Decorative trim plates are usually used to create tags for business needs however, this is not the only use it has and these can be used for more than that. With a little imagination, you can actually have custom made decorative metal plates crafted for many different purposes. You can even have these plates customized for personal and special reasons. To show you what we mean, here are some ideas:

Decorative License Platesdecorative trim plates can actually be crafted to look like license plates. You can have a wide variety of images, wordings and designs on these plates. You can also use many different color combinations, fonts and such on these. These personalized plates can be used to decorate walls or as giveaways for special occasions or events. These can also be personalized with a person’s name and favorite cartoon character so that this can be used as a room door plate.

Sports Fan Plates – these can also be used to decorate the walls of your room or given out as giveaways for a special event, like a sports themed party. You can have different team names, mascots or logos and slogans on these metal nameplates and you can hand these out during Superbowl parties, NBA championship parties and the like. These can also be sold as souvenirs for sporting events that you may be planning (for your office or organization).

Mailbox or Door number/address plate – you can also have one of these plates personalized to carry your home’s number or address. You can then post these plates on your door or your mailbox. You can have this carry information such as your last name, full home address and such. If you want, you can also have only your home number printed or engraved on these plates and you can have this mounted beside your gate, your door or on your mailbox.

Dorm Room Numbers – if you are running a dorm, a bed and breakfast or a boarding house, you can have the room numbers (or room names, for that matter, if you are using names for your rooms instead of digits) crafted on metal plates with decorative elements on them. You can then post these on the doors or beside them. You can even choose to have slots built into such plates for the insertion of the names of the room’s occupants, which is great for dorms and boarding houses. You can also have similar plates crafted for individual mailboxes that you have for your tenants.