Types of Custom Tags You Can Use at a Trade Show

Custom TagsCustom tags are usable almost anywhere, and one of the uses you can get out of these is for when you are participating in a trade show. The most common use you can get from custom tags in trade shows is for giveaway purposes, although there are a few that can be used for other things that you will also need at such an event. Let us outline what uses these tags have when it comes to these events.

For Personnel Name Tags – it would be a great idea for you to have custom name tags made for your personnel to wear at this event. While there will be IDs given out by the event organizer to those who are participating at such an event, it is a good idea to have your own made and worn by your people. This is to help give your brand that added oomph that others may not have. Aside from this, you can have your brand added to your personal tags, which will help with brand recognition and promotion.

For Giveaway Badges – you can also have badges made for those who visit your booth and who sign up for your newsletter, brochures, and who schedule an appointment to learn more about what you sell or offer. These badges can be made using a number of tag options, like promotional plates or decorative plates. It is a better idea however to have these made using domed labels since all you will need to do once these labels are made is to attach these to a safety pin or a badge pin back.

For Custom Promotional Products – did you know that you don’t have to order promotional products from manufacturers but rather, you can make your own simply by having custom tags and labels on hand? If you order metal tags and labels with your company name or logo on them, you can make low cost promotional products with your brand on them by simply attaching these to items that are not branded, or placing these tags directly on the product’s brand. You can then hand these out to booth visitors when they comply with a few stipulations, like handing over a business card, signing up for your mailing list, and even being one of the first 50 people to visit your booth.

There are many ways you can use your customized tags to make people remember your presence at a specific trade show or event. You can also use tags to create items out of the tags themselves, like rulers, protractors, keychains, and many more.

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