Tips on How to Keep Embossed Nameplates Clean

Cleaning Embossed Nameplates

Keeping any metal item clean can help keep it looking good as well as extend its life. In other words, if you want your embossed nameplates, or any other metal nameplate for that matter, to last long and to look real good for as long as you are using it, you will need to know how to clean it properly. Here are some tips on how to do just that:

  • Find out what metal your nameplates are made of first – each type of metal is best cleaned using a specific cleaning agent and method. Silver is best cleaned with silver cleaners; brass is ideally polished using brass polish and so on.
  • Determine the kind of dirt that is on your metal nameplates – different kinds of dirt require different methods of cleaning. Grime or greasy dirt will need a grease cutting agent in order to effectively remove it. Paint and other somewhat permanent stains on your plates also need to be treated with specific removers in order for you to effectively clean your nameplates.
  • Prepare your cleaning agents and materials before starting – make sure that you have all you need to effectively clean your nameplates with. Rags, brushes, cleaning solutions, warm or hot water – whatever is needed to get your embossed metal nameplate cleaned should be prepped before you start. One of the things you might need to have on hand would be a wooden cuticle cleaner. This is to be used to gouge out gently the dirt or grime that may find itself stuck in between cracks and corners of your embossed plates.
  • Be gentle yet firm – since cleaning your metal nameplates too vigorously may result in scratches that will compromise the look of these plates, you need to be careful about how vigorously you clean these plates. You should make sure that you clean these firmly enough but with care. Using the right tools will indeed help you keep your plates from getting scratched. Using enough pressure and the right cleaning agents will also help you keep your cleaning methods from becoming too vigorous or harsh.
  • Clean regularly – if you clean your nameplates regularly, there won’t be a build-up of dirt on these to make you need to clean them more strenuously than is needed. Schedule a cleaning routine for your plates in order for you to keep them clean and looking as good as new, thereby reducing costs for replacements or repairs.