Things You Must Do to Make Your Warning and Instructional Plates Effective

Warning and Instructional PlatesHaving warning and instructional plates on items that pose some danger to people is something that you should do, and is in fact a must in facilities that need to adhere to strict safety regulations. What some people do not realize however is that having these tags on items that are dangerous or pose some threat to the life and wellbeing of any person, is not enough. There are a few things that need to be done in order for these plates to be truly useful.

Right sizing of plates – one thing you need to ensure when you have these plates made is that these are the right size for its use. If it is to be used on small, handheld items like drills and bandsaws, make sure that these are small enough to fit these. Same goes for larger items. When you are going to use these on larger machinery like generators and the like, you should make sure that the plates you have made are big enough for people to easily find and see them.

Right sizing of message – another thing that you have to do is to ensure that the size of the message written on the plate is big enough for people to read. Whether these are intended for the user of such an item or for those who are near it, the copy on these tags should be big enough to see from a respectable distance. This means that the size of the letters and words on these tags need to be legible enough at the distance it is supposed to be read. If the text is too small, people will not be able to read it, and thus will put them in harm’s way.

Right fonts used – using the right font for your tags will help the people who are supposed to use these easily read what is written on them. If you use a font that is too elaborate, like script or even fancy serif fonts, you might find that the message on these tags are too difficult to read from a distance. The fonts that you need to use are sans serif ones, and ones that are not confusing at all to read at any distance and in any combination.

Right color combination – another thing that may create difficult to read tags is the use of color combinations that do not make the copy pop. The colors that you use for these tags should contrast in such a way that it would be easy to see and read what is written on such plates.

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