The Many Uses of Identification Products

BY Rowena Taylor

Identification ProductsAs the name implies, identification products are used for identification purposes. But, is this the only use that these things have? If you really think about it, a lot of identification products do more than just identify an item. To help you understand what these other things are, let us enumerate:

For Branding Purposes – identification products are used to show people what brand an item is. This does not necessarily mean that the brand is telling you what an item is, just under what brand it is. A lot of brands carry numerous products, after all. These can be made using a wide variety of materials that include cloth, vinyl, metals and even cardboard.

For Listing Materials or Ingredients – you can find these identification products identifying more than just the brand or the kind of item these are on. These can also carry a list of ingredients or materials used in the manufacture of such an item. These identification products can be made in the form of labels or tags that are either attached to the item with the use of an adhesive or with the use of a string, as with hanging tags.

For Decorative Purposes – if you’ve seen metal plates on baseball caps with the name of a fashion brand or a statement on it, then you have seen an identification product marking an item for decorative purposes. These can also be seen on bags, shoes, and many other items. These actually serve two purposes – for branding and for decorative reasons. These are often used by companies that carry very popular brands, like those expensive bags and shoes that you see celebrities wearing.

For Trouble Shooting Reasons – these plates are also used to carry instructions for troubleshooting as well, depending on where these are used. You may find these being used on machinery and heavy duty equipment, with instructions for what to do should these not start when you try to start them. These may also carry repair instructions on them, and proper procedures for finding what is wrong if these do not start when you try to do so.

For Operating Instructions and Warnings – when you use identification products on items to tell people what to be careful of and what to do for them to safely operate a piece of equipment, this particular item is called a warning and instructional plate or sign. These are used, as mentioned earlier, to protect people from wrongfully operating certain equipment, which can then open them up to harm should thing malfunction.

For Model and Serial Number tracking – every item that is manufactured is marked with an alphanumeric code that tells you what the product’s manufacture year is, what parts it may need when repair is called for, and other important stuff. These can be made in the form of metal plates (for heavy duty items and equipment) and labels (for smaller items).

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