The Many Uses of Embossed Metal Plates

Embossed Metal

How are metal plates embossed and why do people choose to emboss them? Embossed metal plates get their markings with the use of a press and some heat. Depending as well on the thickness of the metal being used, the amount of pressure and heat used to emboss a sheet changes.

People who choose to emboss metal plates with patterns, words or designs often do so because of the durability of the design created using this method. When a plate is embossed with words or patterns, the design is rather difficult to deface or damage, and is therefore ideal for a number of uses. This kind of marking method can be used on a number of metals that include aluminum, brass, copper, steel and many more.

Embossed metal plates are used for a lot of different things. Due to the rather decorative nature of embossed metal, this is often used for decorative purposes. That does not mean however that this is where this kind of metal marking is good for.

Where these metal plates are used is often dependent on a number of factors. For one, the size of the metal plate being marked is an indication of where the plate is to be used. Smaller plates are often used for either labeling or tagging purposes. Bigger plates can be used for signage and decorative uses. To give you an idea, here are some examples of embossed metal plates and where these are used:

Embossed Metal Dog Tags

Dog Tags – while some people may have their dog tags printed, engraved or painted with words or designs, the original dog tags used by the military (and by some civilians as well) are actually stamped or embossed with letters and numbers. These are often used for identification purposes and the reason why embossing is chosen for this item is because of the fact that embossing creates durable markings on metal.

Embossed Metal Model and Serial PlatesModel and serial plates – plates that are used for showing the model and serial number of a piece of equipment, appliance or part are also manufactured using embossing and for a good reason. These plates need to be durable enough to withstand heat, pressure, scratches and scrapes that may be associated with the usage of such items.

Embossed Metal TagsLabels and tags – some manufacturers want the brands on their products to withstand anything it may encounter, be it scratches, bangs, dings or whatnot. This is why they have their labels and tags (usually for machinery, appliances and industrial equipment) made using embossed metal plates.