The Many Different Uses of Etched Plaques and Signs

Etched Plaques and SignsThe most common reason why people order etched plaques or signs is for commemorative purposes. They usually have these metal nameplates made to commemorate a person, a special event, or an achievement made by the company, among other things. In reality, if you really think about it, these plaques and signs can actually be used for more than just plates that tell people of how a company was started, who started it, and other similar uses.

Etched plaques and signs can be used for a number of other things, and these don’t really have anything to do with commemorating anyone or any historical achievement. Here are some ideas:

Office Door Nameplates – while your office doors need to have signs that are ADA compliant, this does not mean that you cannot add to what you have on your doors. Apart from the compliant sign mounted on the side of your office doors, you can also have etched nameplates and signs made for mounting on the door itself, with the name of the occupant on it or their designation. To add an artistic flair to such a metal nameplate, you can choose to use decorative metals like bronze or brass for this. You can also use fancy script for these and add flourishes to make these more pleasing to the eyes.

Special Awards Plaques – you can also have these made for the intention of giving to your employees for achievements they have made for your business. These plaques can motivate people to do better or continue striving to give their best to the company. You can award these plaques to your company’s achievers once a year during an award giving ceremony on a special day that your business has, like company anniversary celebration, year-end parties, and the like. These are great to give to those who helped the company earn a lot the previous fiscal year, along with other prizes that people will appreciate in return for all the hard work they put in.

Personal Plaques for Special People in Your Life – apart from official uses, you can actually have special plaques and signs made for your own home. Want to make your child’s room feel special? Have his or her name etched on a nameplate and put this on the door to his or her room. You can also have special plaques of appreciation made for those people you want to thank in your life, like your partner, your parents, and even friends who have given you unwavering support over the year, or even over the years. You can give this along with other presents you might want to give them during the holidays.

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