The Many Different Uses of Decorative Trim Plates

Decorative Trim PlateWhat exactly are decorative trim plates and where are these used? These plates are metal nameplates that are customizable and can be used in many different ways. Despite its name, it can actually be used for more than just decorative purposes and are essentially plates that can be whatever you want it to be, depending on what design your plate comes in.

These plates are also simply called decorative plates and are usually customized or marked using a method called stonewear process. You can however choose to use another kind of marking method for these, if you wish, and you can choose from a list of possible marking mediums that include digital printing and silkscreening, among others. You can also have these tags domed with a clear urethane coat to give it an additional protective and decorative top.

So, where do you find these tags being used and for what purpose? Here are a few more commonly known uses:

Branding Tags – since these can be customized totally to suit your needs, and these can be shaped into almost any shape you want, you can have these customized for your branding requirements. This tag can carry your company’s name or logo and can be attached to your products to show people its brand. Some of the products that often carry these as branding tags include attaché cases, suitcases, leather bags, and wallets. Big name brands often choose to use these metal tags for their branding needs since these are tough and also give the product a unique look because of the metal tag.

Model and Serial Number Tags – these tags can be found on appliances, machinery, equipment, and tools, and can either be attached to these products with the use of rivets, screws, or heavy-duty adhesive, depending on the manufacturer’s preferences. These are used to help companies keep track of products that have warranties and that come in different models. The use of metal nameplates for this particular kind of tag is for durability since these items are usually exposed to tough and rough conditions.

Contact Information Tags – when you want your customers to know how and where to reach you, having these metal tags attached to your products will help you with that. These tags are often found attached to items that may need your particular expertise in fixing or troubleshooting, and these tags can tell people who buy your products that they can get in touch with you via a specific address, phone number, email address, and website. These tags can also inform product owners about what kind of a company you are and what you generally produce.

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