The Many Different Types of Identification Plates

Identification Plates

What exactly are identification plates and where are these things oftentimes used? These plates, as the name suggests, are used to identify items or products. These are used in many different industries and for a wide array of reasons.

To help you get a clearer picture as to how and where these are used, here are some of the different types of identification plates that are in use these days:

Model and Serial Plates – this particular type of identification plate is used on a number of items and utilized by a few industries. These plates are often attached to machinery, vehicles, appliances and more. These can also be found attached to parts of huge machines or equipment.

What you see on these plates include the brand or manufacturer’s name, contact information, the model number of the item or part, and its serial number. The primary use of these plates is, as the name suggests, for identification purposes.

For parts, it can help make repairs and troubleshooting easier since the parts that are needed can be identified using the model and serial numbers found on them. For appliances and other items, these serial numbers and model plates can serve to help with replacements, repairs and such as well.

Barcode and UID Plates – plates that carry these barcodes and UII (unique item identifiers) are used on a lot of many items as well. UID plates are usually used by small items like electronic components. It is also used for all equipment that cost upwards of $5000, as mandated by the US Department of Defense. The code used on a UID plate is 2D Data Matrix, which is matrix barcode that consists of white and black cells in a rectangular or square pattern that can hold numeric or text data. Data size on these plates can range from a few bytes to a thousand bytes or more.

Barcodes are often used for inventory and asset tracking purposes and are also used by a wide range of industries. Barcodes are machine readable data which is represented by parallel lines of different widths and spacing.

Schematics – also part of the family of identification plates, schematic plates are used to help show people how certain machinery and equipment work, are wired, are supposed to be operated and many more. A schematic is basically a diagram made on a metal plate and attached to equipment or machinery in order to assist or protect people from probable harm, if these are not operated the way they should be operated.