The Many Different Novelty Uses for Etched Metal Plates

BY Rowena Taylor

Etched Metal Plates

When you are thinking of using etched metal plates for your business needs, then that is all well and good. Nobody would think anything of it after all, since these metal nameplates are considered one of the best kinds of tags to use for various business applications. What some people do not probably realize is that these metal plates can actually be used for more than just your business requirements.

Since etching is a marking medium that can actually create stunningly accurate images and designs on metal (and also on glass), the uses for this particular type of nameplate has reached beyond the confines of business applications. This has now stretched on over to novelty creations. Since these plates can be easily customized and crafted with the use of computer aided equipment, you will also find that these plates can be made quickly.

So, where else can you use etched metal plates aside from your business needs? Here are some examples:

Custom metal accessories – yes, you can create accessories out of etched metal. How do you do this? Since these plates can be shaped in any way you want, you can actually order these in shapes that can be hung on chains around necks, on hooks for your ears, or in strips and bent in a curve to form a wrist bangle. Since you can use different kinds of metals when it comes to etching, you can choose to use metals like bronze or brass for that reddish or golden tinge that looks great when used as accessories.

Portrait – did you know that you can actually have someone’s portrait etched onto a sheet of metal? This can be done for special reasons, and can be handed to the person in the form of a gift. You can have your special someone’s image etched into either stainless steel or brass, then you can have this framed and given to them on their birthday, anniversary or any day you want to make them feel really special. You can also use this marking method to create family portraits for yourself and your family and have this hung in your home as a unique reminder of how special your family is.

Artwork – you can actually take one of your drawings or sketches and have this made into a metal representation of itself. You can then hang this particular etching in your home or give it to someone as a gift. If you have a talent for sketching or drawing, you can use this particular talent you have to create art pieces that can be etched into metal plates, and you can either sell these as unique art pieces, or you can give these out as gifts for special occasions.

 These are just a few of the ideas for the novel uses of etched metal plates. Since etching is a marking method that can create any design on metal (and on glass), you can easily use this to create unique and useful items that are outside of the business realm. What other ideas do you think will work well with etching?

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