The Kinds of Tags You Can Make with Metal Nameplates

Metal Nameplates

When you use metal to make tags with, you will find that the choices you have for the metals to use is limited to the kinds that can withstand a number of conditions. These include conditions like high heat, moisture, exposure to chemicals and to UV rays, among other things. In having metal nameplates crafted, you have to consider all of these, and a few other things before you can order these from your favorite nameplate manufacturer.

These considerations aside, you can have a wide variety of tags made out of metals, particularly metals that are rust and tarnish proof. Aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and bronze are a few of the top choices for these tags, and these are regularly used for the creation of nameplates for various needs. These needs include the following:

Tags for branding – you see these tags on wallets, suitcases, attaché cases and many more. These tags can even be seen on baseball caps, tumblers, vehicles, and so on. Metal tags used for branding usually carry the brand name of the product, however there are times when what you see on the product is the logo and not the brand name. Some of these tags carry both the brand name and the logo on them. These are usually made using metals like aluminum and stainless steel, and painted in to represent the brand’s colors. These can be marked using embossing, engraving, etching, and stamping, to mention but a few, dependent on what the company usually utilizes for their brand tags. Some of these are digitally printed then domed to create a colorful and unique looking tag.

Tags for asset tracking – inventory and asset tags can also be made using metal plates, and are often the choice of companies that need asset tags that are tough and durable enough to withstand rough conditions. These tags are often used to mark heavy equipment and machinery with, and may even come with barcodes for easier asset tracking. Metals used for this purpose are often the thicker and tougher ones, like stainless steel and thick aluminum. Brass and bronze may also be used but this is when such tags are not exposed to strong chemicals and very high heat.

Tags for decorative purposes – you may not think that metal tags can be used to decorate items with, but they can be, if these are marked with decorative designs and made primarily for such a purpose. Decorative metal plates are often made to embellish leather items, to decorate wooden products, and to combine with glass and stone products as well.

Tags for safety and instruction – metal nameplates can also be made to warn and instruct users of the dangers that come with certain equipment and machinery. Warning plates and instructional plates are often attached to equipment that require a specific set of steps for operation, and machinery that may pose a threat to life and limb if not used properly.  

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