The Infinite Possibilities Embossed Metal Plates Present

Embossed Metal Plates

If you are looking for a type of metal nameplate that can be used for many different purposes, you might want to consider embossed metal plates. These plates can be used for quite a number of applications, and this is due to the many features such metal nameplates have. These very same features can help you with your marketing needs, branding requirements and many more.

One of the features that make these embossed nameplates ideal for your many needs is the eye-catching 3D effect of the embossed parts of these plates. Even without paint or color, the raised parts of these plates make whatever is written or marked on it easy to see. These are also very durable, which is why it is ideal for many different uses.

Uses of Embossed Metal Plates

Where can you use these embossed metal plates? For you to be able to determine whether or not these plates are ideal for your very specific metal nameplate requirements, here are some examples of where these are being used by numerous businesses these days:

Brand plates – you can have your product brand created using embossing as the marking method if you wish to have a 3D effect for your plates and to be able to use a durable medium such as metals. These can remain unpainted or you can paint these over with your usual colors to make the plate pop out all the more. These brand plates can be used to brand products themselves or can be used on display stands in stores and other outlets.

You can even use these brand plates on clothing, such as jeans and baseball caps. You can also use these brand plates on heavy equipment, machinery and office equipment. These plates can also be used to mark leather covered planners, attaché cases, eyewear and many more.

Model and Serial plates – you can choose to use embossed metal plates for your serial number and model number plates. These can have blank spaces on them where you can stamp the individual, unique number and letter sequences that you use for your products’ serial numbers. Using embossed plates for this particular purpose not only gives you impressive looking model and serial plates but also gives you a metal nameplate that does two jobs at one time, and that is to market and promote your brand while at the same time marking the particular item with its own serial number.

Decorative plates – if a product needs a decorative plate on it to help enhance how it looks, an embossed plate can do the trick. Choose from any of the metals that give off a decorative feel, such as bronze or brass, and have these stamped with decorative elements or designs. You can then attach these to the products that you want to embellish with the use of a number of mounting methods that include adhesives, screws and rivets.  

Giveaways – you can attach specially made embossed metal plates to key fobs and you can hand these out as key chains on certain occasions. You can also attach these plates onto many different items to make these into special giveaways for very specific occasions. Ashtrays, coaster sets, commemorative plates, wall clocks, and many more can be branded with the use of such plates to help people remember who gave these items to them

These are but a few of the possible ways that embossed metal plates can be used. You can think up of a number of other uses yourself, try to determine if such a plate is indeed ideal for your needs, and have these customized to suit your requirements. These can be totally customized and can come in any shape, size and form that you want it to come in. 

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