The Importance of UID Plates

UID PlateMost people are quite familiar with the use of barcodes on products that they buy. Barcodes are those lined codes that you can find at the back of each product. Square codes, on the other hand, are also used to serve the same purpose as these barcodes. These square codes are called UID codes. UID stands for Unique Identification, which is used to avoid confusion in identifying items that look the same.

The primary advantage of having these codes is to give unique identifiers to specific products, while at the same time, compressing data about the same item, so that a lot of information can be found on such a UID plate or tag. With this technology, you can easily ascertain what a product is, when it was made, by whom, how mich it costs, and how many are in stock – all thanks to UID codes.

When your company is looking for UID plates for your products, durability is one of the things to be concerned about. The role of these plates is vital hence, looking for highly durable ones is essential. Apart from durability, the design and marking method used are also important. These help determine how effective your plates will be, and how long these codes will last even with wear and tear.

To help you understand the importance of these plates, here are the primary uses of these UID plates:

Easier Inventory and Tracking of products

Adding these plates to your items will give you the ease of tracking and monitoring the product as you encode them on your computer. Each product will have a UID code associated with it, which means that you can easily retrieve information about the product without having a difficult time. This is done by scanning the UID code with an optical scanner, and getting the compressed data related to a certain item on your computer.

Repair and Maintenance Tracking of your Equipment

There are instances where your items or equipment would need to undergo preventive maintenance or minor repairs. Failure to execute regular maintenance or checkup will lead to damage on the equipment. Through the help of UID codes and the plates these are on, you will be able to track and monitor when your equipment would need to undergo maintenance or checking for wear and tear. This will help you avoid delays in production and costly damage to your assets.

 Theft Prevention

UID plates are often made of durable materials that are really difficult to destroy, or tamper with. What is wonderful about some of these coded plates and tags is that they have a very helpful mechanism that enables you to detect whether the tag is tampered or not. These UID tags can also have magnetic strips at the back, making it impossible to get the product out of your office or store without permission. Thus, chances of having stolen items are significantly reduced.

Other Uses

Aside from identifying one product from another, UID plates are also used by the armed forces. These plates are very durable. These can survive even the harshest conditions, such as extreme temperatures, abrasives, and UV rays. The main reason why these nameplates need to be really strong is that these are unique identifiers for the product, which should last for a lifetime. 

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