The Different Components of Model and Serial Plates

Model and Serial Plates

Model and serial plates are manufactured according to what every specific company needs them for. Some companies require that these particular nameplates carry only the model name and number of the product as well as the serial number of the particular item. Others require these nameplates to carry other information such as the date manufactured, voltage, wattage and many more.

The information these metal nameplates carry are often used for troubleshooting, proper usage and for identification purposes. In troubleshooting, these plates can help repairmen find the right parts to use in order to properly fix these. For proper usage, these plates tell people what voltage of electricity is required for operating such items or what fuel to use to run machinery these are found on. For identification reasons, these plates also help people identify where these were manufactured, who manufactured these and when.

These identifying plates can be manufactured using metal or can be made using aluminum foil, depending on where these are to be used. Heavy machinery, equipment that are for heavy duty use or exposed to the elements and other similar items are usually the ones that use model and serial plates made of metal while smaller electronics and appliances can carry these identification plates made in the form of aluminum labels and the like.

Some items, like machinery and automobiles, can carry a number of these plates on them. Each part may carry a model and serial plate in order to help manufacturers put these together quickly. These can also be beneficial to troubleshooters as well since this will help them find the parts needed for repairing these machinery and automobiles with.

These plates also carry the company or manufacturer’s name, logo and whereabouts. This will help people get in touch with them when repairs, returns or complaints need to be made. This will also help the company with advertising and marketing since the presence of their brand and logo on these plates can tell people who made these and, in the end, help them tell others how well such a product has served them.

To help you further understand what each part of a model and serial plate is used for, here is an example of one: 

Model and Serial Plate