The Basics of Sticker Labels

Sticker Labels

Sticker labels are used for many different reasons. Some are used to brand products while others are used to mark items for inventory or tracking purposes. Some of these sticker labels are used to make promotional items with and some benefit from these self adhesive pieces in a decorative way. Whatever the purpose may be, these stickers are considered very useful for many things and in many ways.

How are sticker labels manufactured? What are the different kinds of stickers available and what methods are used to manufacture each type of sticker label? Which type of label is best for your particular need?

The manufacture of self-adhesive labels, or sticker labels as they are sometimes called, often begins with the selection of the material to be used for printing. Some people choose to use paper and some others choose vinyl while a few others select foil. Depending on the material chosen, the printing process will then begin. These days, the printing processes of any number of such products are often guided by computers.

The design of the label to be made is fed into the computer which then prints out these stickers as they should be printed. Depending on what kind of sticker label is being made, additional steps in the manufacturing process can be added. For instance, if the sticker is to have a protective coating, this step comes after the printing process. An example of such a protective coating would be the resin coating of 3D stickers, or domed stickers.

The resin that is added to domed stickers is usually affixed after the printed details of these labels are dry. Once the clear resin is added, another process that dries this coating is then enacted. The process of drying the resin is used to help set it properly so that no air bubbles or impurities find their way into the domed sticker.

When the final printing process for these stickers is done, the adhesive back is then added. Again, people who order these labels will have the option to choose the adhesive they want to use with it. There are high adhesion adhesives that make the removal of these stickers difficult and there are adhesives that can be used to make these labels reusable even after these have been removed from its original placement.