Sticker Labels or Hanging Tags: Which One Should You Use?

BY Rowena Taylor

Sticker Labels and Tags

When you have products to tag, you will be presented with choices that include sticker labels and hanging tags for labeling. What you will need to figure out is which of these is best for your products and your needs. In deciding which kind of tag is best, you should first analyze the pros and cons of these particular tagging options, as well as think of which type is best suited to what you will be tagging.

Other factors that come into play when choosing the kind of tag to use for your labeling and marking needs include your budget, what you are planning on putting on these tags, your label design, and what packaging your products are in. There will be times when you will consider that both tags should be used together. There will also be instances when only one tag can be used (that is when your budget only allows you to use just one), and this is when you will need to determine your choice.

When it comes to sticker labels, you should consider using these when your products have a surface that is ideal for use with a self-adhesive label. These include items that come in smooth packaging containers such as glass, plastic, and metal. Examples of products that are ideal for use with these types of labels are wines, jams, liquid detergents, and other liquid products that are housed in bottles. These are also great on products that are packed in plastic, like cold cuts, bags of candy, fruits, veggies, and many more.

Hanging tags, on the other hand, are great on items that do not have containers, such as clothing. These are usually paired with sewed on cloth labels, and are used as supplementary tags for where prices and the barcodes for these items are placed. These tags are also used as supplementary tags when additional information about a product is needed to help sell the item and it cannot, or was not, placed on the sticker label.

You can also use these tags for labeling bottles, jars and other items that carry goodies you want to be viewed as rustic or organic. You can do this by using tags made out of recycled materials, or those that give off a rather earthy look. These tags can carry the names of the ingredients that are added to your products, can have information about some advocacy you have, and so much more. These tags can also carry promotional codes, discount coupons and other similar promotional messages you want these to carry.

Another consideration you need to make when choosing is the material that is to be used for both. More often than not, sticker labels can be made using more material types than hanging tags. Some of the materials you can use for sticker labels include aluminum foil, polyester, vinyl and paper. For hanging tags, the usual choice is cardboard, however there are a few who do use plastic and cloth for this particular type of tag.

In the end, the choice will come down to what fits your products best, what your company wants, and what your budget dictates. Either way, whether you use sticker labels or hanging tags on your products, you will still be able to brand your items as they should be, and that is what is important.

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