Specially Made Etched Plaques for Special Occasions

Etched PlaquesEtched plaques are often crafted for awarding people with a memento that reminds them of the good work they have done. At times these are even made for some of the founders of an organization and posted in an area where people can see these all the time. There are also times when these plaques are made to help people know the history of a building or a company, and these commemorative plaques are placed in an area that people can also easily see and read them.

While these are seen as the most common reasons for having etched plaques made, these are not the only things you can make out of these. Did you know that you can have customized plaques made for any reason you want and for any purpose that you deem necessary for having such commemorative plates made? In fact, the only limit to what can be done with a commemorative plaque is your budget and your imagination. Here are some rather imaginative reasons, and some not-so-unique reasons, for having such mementos made out of metal crafted.

Thank you plaques – you can have small metal plates etched to say thank you to those you or your company want to thank for whatever reasons you may have. One example where such an idea can work is when you want to send a unique thank you token to those who helped make a special fund raising event possible. Instead of the customary certificate of recognition or thank you card, why not have a small plaque made with the words Thank You in script engraved onto it, the name of the recipient, and the date of the event along with a few words of gratitude at the bottom. You can have this mounted onto a wooden frame, a glass stand, or simply on its own and in an envelope, delivered to the person you are thanking or given during a special awarding occasion.

Friendship plaques – you can give these out to your special friends during your bridal shower, or during an event where you have all your closest friends together, like on your birthday or in a special party to celebrate your years of friendship. These plaques can carry not only how many years you have been friends, or special nicknames you have for each other, but also a pledge that you will be friends for life.

Sportsmanship plaques – not everyone can be a winner, but that does not mean that people do not deserve an award for playing as best as they could. You can help members of your team know that you appreciate the effort that they put into the game after a season by giving each one a plaque for sportsmanship and for bringing their best to each event that they play at, regardless of the end result.

These are just a few ideas that you can use for when you want a unique token or gift that is not only unique, but lasts a long time due to its durability. What other special plaques and mementos can you think of when it comes to etched metal plates?

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