Should Your Warning and Instructional Plates Be Supplemented with Safety Signs?

Warning and Instructional PlatesWarning and instructional plates are used by many businesses primarily for safety reasons. These can be found on equipment and in areas that may come with hazards to life and limb. These can also be found in spaces that require people to follow a set of rules either for safety or to keep them from damaging equipment.

Whatever these plates are used for, the general purpose of their existence is to keep people and equipment safe – from harm, from damage, from malfunctioning, and so on. The question as to whether or not these plates need to have signs used with them is something people tend to ask, basically because they see the use of such signs as redundant. What they may not realize is that, when it comes to safety, redundancy is actually a good thing!

Putting up safety signs that carry similar warnings as those that are on the metal plates attached to your equipment will remind people even before they get on these machines that safety precautions are required. These signs will tell them that they need to wear, what they need to do, what steps are required for proper operations, and what not to do in order to avoid damage as well as accidents.

Where to Put Safety Signs & Warning and Instructional Plates

These tools for safety have their designated areas, which will help people stay as safe as they could and should. For safety signs, you should post these near the places where the hazards can be found. You will also need to place these in a spot that is highly visible, and can be viewed from a good distance.

For instructional and warning plates, these should be on the equipment that poses some danger to people, and in plain sight. These should carry either instructions for safe use, or warnings for hazards that may be present with the use of these equipment. These can carry similar messages as the signs that supplement them, thereby reinforcing in the minds of the people who see these that there is indeed a need to be careful.

Signs that are to be used to reinforce safety messages and information needed for proper equipment operation may carry the same headers as well. Depending on the level of danger presented by some machine or a general area, the headers you can use on these include Danger, Caution, Warning, and Notice. To ensure that all areas in your facility are indeed safe, and everyone who uses your equipment know what to do, you can ask your nameplate manufacturer to create a bigger version of these warning and instructional plates so that these can be used as signs.

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