Should You Use Signs, or Warning and Instructional Plates?

Warning and Instructional PlatesThis is a dilemma that some businesses face, and as trivial as this may seem, this is actually a pretty important part of the implementation of a safety program. The difference between signs and plates is essentially in the size, but more importantly, in what these are made of. A huge number of signs are made out of plastic, while warning and instructional plates are made out of metal plates.

How do you choose which one to use? For your entire safety program, you will essentially need to use both. These different safety tags are used in many different areas and for a variety of purposes, but with one common goal – that is to keep people safe and far from harm with notices and warnings of such perilous situations.

When you find yourself wondering whether a specific area or item should a sign or a plate, consider a number of things. Will the warning medium be exposed to harsh conditions or will this be in an area that is far removed from such tough environs? Do these messages need to be within very close proximity to the warning it is giving or is it at a distance?

When you need to warn someone of something that is up close and the message is to be exposed to harsh conditions, you should greatly consider using a warning and instructional plate. These are usually found on the item that poses a threat to a person’s life and limb, like machinery and other equipment that people operate. These plates are often placed right in front of the person who will be operating such equipment, and may even carry instructions for proper operation.

If the message is to warn of something up ahead, or you are going to be near it but not too close to it, signs may be used. Signs should also only be considered when the place that these are to be posted on does not present any possibility of damaging the sign. These are also ideal for when you need really large warnings and notices to be posted, and can be seen from a very long distance away.

Since most signs are made out of plastic, and you are not sure whether or not these materials can withstand the conditions these will be exposed to, you don’t need to put warning and instructional plates at close intervals just to get your message across. There are actually signs that are made out of metal that you can use for such a thing, and both of these can be easily made by one manufacturer, and that is Nameplates Online.

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