Should You Use Metal Inventory and Asset Tags or Use Tamper-Evident Labels?

Inventory and Asset Tags Using Destructible Vinyl LabelsInventory and asset tags are a must for any business with numerous assets. These tags help you keep track of your company’s stuff, and also help inform you of when things need to be replaced, repaired, or when things go missing. Using metal tags for this particular purpose is a popular practice for many businesses because this particular type of material is durable, last a long time, and can withstand quite a number of conditions.

You can easily find these metal asset tags attached to machinery, heavy equipment, office equipment, and other items that a business owns. These may be attached to such items via the use of heavy-duty adhesives, screws, or rivets, depending on what the company’s preference is and what item it is attaching these tags to. These tags can be as small as a person’s thumb or as big as their palm, and can carry as little or as much information as the business would want it to carry.

There are times however when metal inventory and asset tags are not what a company needs and alternative materials are sought for such a requirement. Since metal tags that are attached to a company’s assets via rivets or other similar devices are difficult to remove, it is then but natural that these cannot be easily stolen. Assets that have tags that are attached to them with the use of adhesives however may be a different story. These can be pried off of items if a person wanted to, and they can cart away these things if they succeed in removing such tags from these.

In order for you to stop such a thing from happening, it may be a good idea for you to go for tamper evident or destructible vinyl labels for your asset tagging needs. If the items you will be tagging are not going to be exposed to harsh conditions (as is the case with machinery and heavy equipment), you might want to choose this particular tag over metal ones instead. These may help prevent the pilfering of your company’s assets since these leave behind telltale signs of being tampered with and make it rather difficult to pass of as one’s own.

How do these destructible and tamper evident tags work? These actually stick to your assets real well and when someone tries to remove these tags, they either fall apart (you cannot remove these in one whole piece) or these leave behind very visible markings that say void or tampered. These can alert security personnel when someone is trying to pass off an item as their own when they leave the premises, or when checks are made during inventory runs.

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