Should You Use Dog Tags for Your Promotional and Marketing Needs?

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Over the years, dog tags have been used for more than its original purpose, which is as identification tags for individuals in the armed services. These tags have transitioned into a multi-purpose tag, with people using customized versions of these to accessorize clothing, to carry medical information, as tags for bags, and even as tags on pets. In short, dog tags have become an all-around tag that you can customize for a lot of things.

When it comes to marketing and promotional needs, dog tags are often considered by many for a variety of reasons. For one, these tags are small enough to be easily handed out as souvenirs and giveaways. These can also be easily customized to fit any occasion and to carry any message. These can also be manufactured to be more than just a decorative tag, and can be great for promotional and marketing purposes.

To give you an idea, here are some things you can do with dog tags for your marketing and promotional needs:

Bag tag dog tags – these tags can carry your company’s brand in front or on the first tag, and a person’s personal information on the back or on the second tag. To enable the recipients of these tags to easily add their information to these, empty fields that they can write on can be added with the use of paint or by printing blank fields on such tags.

Dog tag keychains – dog tags can also be used to carry keys, and these tags can be customized to carry your brand or your message on them. Dog tags are small enough to be utilized this way and some people actually enjoy having these kinds of tags as their key chains.

Team tags – company events like sports fests and product launches can also benefit from the creation of special dog tags that carry the company’s brand or logo on them. These can be used as giveaways on such events, and for sports festivals or company outings where people are grouped into teams, these tags can either be color coded or carry the team name on the second tag, with the first tag carrying the company name on it.

Commemorative tags – you can have dog tags customized to carry special event dates and information on them and these can be handed out as tokens or giveaways to participants during these events. Conventions, seminars, and trade shows where your company is a sponsor or participant can use such a promotional dog tag as a giveaway. Company anniversaries, product launches, and other similar events can also have such a commemorative tag made for just such a purpose.

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