Should You Use Aluminum Foil Labels for Your Products?

aluminum foil labels

One of the more popular label types that businesses use on their products and their assets is the aluminum foil label. This label is made using, as the name implies, a thin sheet of aluminum foil. This foil is similar to the foil that you use in your kitchen but with a number of key differences.

For starters, these are more resilient and more durable than the foil you use in cooking. It is also a bit thicker than the foil that people normally use in baking, wrapping, and the like. Another key difference is the laminate that is often found on these labels, as well as the fact that it has an adhesive back that is used to help stick these labels onto surfaces easily.

The question of whether or not an aluminum foil label is ideal for your business comes down to a few factors, and these include:

Conditions the label is exposed to – the main consideration for using these kinds of labels is the conditions in which these are to be exposed to. These labels are often chosen when the item these are to stick to will be exposed to such conditions as heat, cold, moisture, and even chemicals. Since aluminum is generally impervious to these things and do not deteriorate when exposed to heat, cold, moisture, and some chemicals, companies gravitate towards its use.

Compatibility with the product – you have to admit, not all products go well with an aluminum foil label, and vice versa. Some products require a less flashy and less metallic label (think microwavable bowls, containers, etc.), hence the need to choose other label types for these.

Budget for labeling- yes, labels cost money and aluminum foil labels are definitely costlier than paper or cardboard ones. If products that these tags will be used on require only tags that can be easily peeled off and discarded or tags that do not need to be ultra-durable, then companies can opt for cheaper and less flashy tags.

Need for durable long lasting tags – usually, when labels serve more than just one purpose beyond that of branding, the use of aluminum foil labels is often considered. Tags that carry barcodes, manufacturer details and contact information, model and serial numbers, and other pertinent information for troubleshooting, repairs, warranties, and the like, are often made using this material. This is to ensure that these last long and can be useful when the need arises.

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