Should You Choose Etched Nameplates for Durability?

Etched Metal NameplatesWhen you need to choose a material for your nameplates, the usual choice is often any of the metals that are considered tarnish and rust proof. This is often what happens when these tags are to be exposed to harsh and rough conditions. If you do end up choosing metals for your nameplates, you will then need to choose a marking method that will also suit the type of conditions these tags will be exposed to.

There are quite a number of marking methods for you to choose from, but your choice can be easily narrowed down to a few that are ideal for your needs. These choices will also be subject to the designs you have for your tags, so this will narrow down the selection a bit more. For instance, if you are thinking of a tag that can withstand high temperatures and will last for a very long time without your having to worry that the tag design will deteriorate fast when exposed to chemicals, etching, engraving and embossing may be your likely options.

If you were to ask which marking method is best suited for nameplates that are to be exposed to rather rough conditions and where you won’t have to worry about whether or not the markings would disappear or come off, then the answer would be etching. Etched nameplates are considered one of the toughest nameplates around, and for a good reason. This is because of the fact that the markings on such plates are eaten deep into the metal with a strong acid, which create really pronounced and difficult to deface markings.

When you choose to use etched nameplates for your nameplate requirements, you will find that these are great not just for durability’s sake but also for decorative needs as well. Since etching is a marking method that produces rather intricate and detailed designs, you will be able to have really complex designs made using such a method. You can also have these designs become more pronounced with the use of inks that help give some definition to the etchings on the metal.

Aside from etched metal nameplates, other options you have that are similar in durability to this are engraved plates and embossed plates. These are both made with the use of methods that create really tough and hardy nameplates, with the former being similar in a way to etched nameplates due to the gouged out parts of the plate, and the latter producing tough plates due to heated stamping.

No matter what kind of plate you choose, and what marking method you opt for from these choices, if durable nameplates are what you need, Nameplatesdiv has the kind of metal nameplate you need. For us to help you figure out which tag best suits your requirements, do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our Contact Us page, or call us at 651-315-7403.

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