Should You Choose Brass Plates for Your Commemorative Plaques?

Brass PlatesThere are many reasons why commemorative plaques are made for businesses. Some businesses have these made to remember the founders of the company, while others order these to help remind people of the company’s mission and vision. Still a few more businesses have these plaques installed in their lobbies or outside their buildings to show people the history of the company.

Whether you are ordering commemorative markers for a business, a heritage site, or any other purpose, one of the things you need to pick out is the material that you will use. One of the more popular choices is brass. The reason why brass is often part of the list of materials to choose from, together with bronze, stainless steel, and stone, is that this metal is durable and great to look at.

The durability of this particular type of metal plate comes from the fact that it is an alloy made out of copper and zinc, both of which are rust-proof metals. This alloy is very malleable and rather easy to cast, yet is more durable than its brother, bronze. If the brass has a mixture of aluminum in it, you will find that not only is it malleable and durable, but it is also more corrosion- and rust-resistant than other brass types.

There are other types of brass that you can choose from, and these are those that have a mix of tin, iron, manganese, and silicon in them. Brass plates that have some tin mixed into the composition will be more resistant to salt water, which is why this is the kind of plate that is used for naval purposes. Brass that has iron and manganese added into it is ideal for outdoor use since this combination makes the metal survive the elements as well as wear and tear better.

When you decide to use brass for your commemorative plaques, it might be a good idea to ask your manufacturer for the list of the types of brass that are available. You will need to pair the usage of these metal plates with the kind of brass type you should pick. Some brass types are better for use outdoors since these can withstand exposure to sunlight, rain, snow, and other weather conditions. Other brass types can be picked according to how deep the golden color is, and you can find out which one best suits your needs with a list of types that carry properties as well as an image that shows its color.

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