Serial Number Plates: How They Can Help Asset Management and Inventory

Serial Number PlatesProducts or equipment manufactured by different industries always need inventory and asset tracking. For example, medical industries need an organized system of tracking their medicines, medical supplies and tools to know where they are located, how they are used or when changes were made to them.

Tracking products in the past was usually done manually, with an administrative personnel counting each item or checking them individually and listing if they are complete or not. To efficiently improve inventory and asset tracking, modern technology introduced serial numbers to asset management. These sequential codes with a serial code reader efficiently enhance tracking and inventory of products within the company.

Serial number plates have unique alphanumeric sequences assigned to a specific item or product. They are engineered to withstand stringent environment conditions and chemical exposure.

Here are how serial number plates can help your asset tracking and inventory:

Robust and Accurate – Each item is assigned with a unique combination of numbers and letters. This code ensures that there will be no duplicate serial number assigned to a product. This robust tracking system will accurately provide the information needed such as location, product specifications, and warranty, to name a few.

Organized – Serial number plates can be configured easily to efficiently track product information. Some companies use serial numbers with designated specifications, for example, they assign a number or letter to identify a specific type or group of products.

One can easily identify if there is a missing item or if it is not included in the group. There are also instances where there are ghost assets in the inventory. More often than not, they were recorded inaccurately and serial numbers tracking will definitely eliminate them.

Efficient – Tracking using serial numbers is digital and the data can be easily transmitted to any database or software. This allows the business to manage their inventory from different location. It is a fast and reliable way of ensuring that your products’ inventories on all locations are updated and accurate.

Prevents Theft – Not only it helps the company to track products within, it will also prevent the resale of any stolen products. A serial number can be configured and designed exclusively for your company, in this way any person can easily identify that it is manufactured by your company. This will help identify the missing product easily.

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