Qualities of Polyester Labels and Its Many Uses

Polyester Mylar Labels

If you are looking for one of the most durable label types for your labeling needs, you should consider using polyester labels. These are considered one of the toughest around and are chosen by numerous companies for their labeling needs due to this particular quality. Also called Mylar labels, these are also pretty resistant to heat as well as abrasion, making it a good choice for when you need to tag items that are exposed to these conditions.

Polyester labels can be used for a wide array of applications due to the many qualities this material possesses. Aside from the aforementioned characteristics, Mylar labels are also known to be resistant to UV rays and can withstand exposure to harsh chemicals and substances. Due to this durability and resistance to a huge number of conditions, these labels are seen to be ideal for just about any labeling job you may have.

These labels are highly customizable and can be made in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and designs. To find out what your limitations are when it comes to these particular labels, you should ask your favorite label manufacturer for information on what they can do with this particular material. Most of the best label manufacturers around can customize your polyester labels any which way you require, since the latest printing technology available these days can easily facilitate such customization options.

You can choose to have your Mylar labels carry your company name, brand, logo, and contact information easily. You can also have these labels printed with elaborate designs and in a rainbow of colors. These can be used for the creation of asset tags, inventory labels, warning tags and even instructional labels.

Ideal for use both indoors and outdoors, these particular labels are used by numerous companies for a huge number of purposes. You can find these labels used on beverage bottles, cosmetic product containers, food product containers and even on products that are used outdoors. How well these labels adhere to the products they are used on will depend on the type of adhesive you choose for these, so finding the right kind of label adhesive for your polyester label will help ensure that these stay on your products for a long time.